Right now, we’re developing Modulity, short for “modular creativity” – a modular furniture-system that will change the concept of furnishing.

With Modulity YOU are the designer of any furniture category, AND you can also change your interiour when needed, this without the need of screws/nails. This opens up for many possibilities. For example, a home office can be transformed into a playroom, an office landscape can easily be extended for new recruitment, or why not a dynamic shop interior? The system can be applied in many different areas, it’s your creativity that sets the boundaries.

Decorating with Modulity also means that you contribute to a sustainable and responsible consumption. If a component/part were to be worn, you do not have to throw away the whole furniture, just replace the piece, rebuild, or turn/hide the worn part against the wall. This is a product that develops with you and your needs.

You should not have to throw your furnitures away, be creative and renew them instead.

With support from Bizmaker’s incubator, we now take the next step.

About us

Erik Björkland is the inventor and also a 3d-artist as profession, which accelerated the step from an loose idea to a firm concept with the ability to visualize, revise and develope the product in an efficient manner. Erik also has a lot of focus on the aesthetics, a design responsibility.

Roger Tjärnlund is 3d colleague of Erik and co-owner of Modulity. He has been involved early in the product development process and has more focus on the technical development.

The future

There is potential for further development with accessory assortments and smart solutions, and we keep doors open to the investors who, with capital and experience, can contribute to a success.