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Prototype 2020

Now it’s the end of 2020 and about time to showcase a prototype. Here in the apperence of the smallest building blocks of the modular system, a “Modulity unit”. Watch the video below! Also, check out the koncept at Youtube:

On your terms

The possibilities to create on your own terms are more than just the shape, also color and texture.

A step forward

Here is an example of how it can look. With Modulity you modulate rather than decorate, and this is the X-modulation.

Modulity and the idea

The story about Modulity and the roads ahead. Translated from swedish: Modulity consists of a series of boards that creates the building blocks. A clever solution with aluminum rails allows the boards to be mounted in a variety of different ways. Flexibility is one of the key words when Erik Björkland developed Modulity. “Offices and…
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The concept

We have a YouTube channel as well, here’s the basic concept:

It begins with a sketch

Modulity is a concept in the prototype-phase. Just over a year ago, the idea came to me and began to develope. I knew which functionallity I wanted, but at first not HOW to make it work. It would require many hours of sketching and variations on the design before I had something to go on…
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