It begins with a sketch

Modulity is a concept in the prototype-phase. Just over a year ago, the idea came to me and began to develope. I knew which functionallity I wanted, but at first not HOW to make it work. It would require many hours of sketching and variations on the design before I had something to go on – a basic design that solved the main problem. Some of the first sketches were dead ends.

From the very beginning the focus was “modular”. I thought that there should be a possibility to assemble components AND change the design whenever – like building blocks for furnitures. Many of the first sketches limited you to build just in 2-dimensions, up and to the side. That was obviously not enough as I wanted the depht as well, the important third dimension! My persistence fortunately overcame this obstacle.

I’m a 3d-artist as well and it really helped me to develop the basic first design. Since I’m used to think three-dimensional it all accelerated from there.